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I am experiencing an increase in demand for our online personal shopper and virtual wardrobe overhaul services, and I am ready to assist. I am taking a robust approach to dealing with Covid-19 and as such I will offer you the opportunity to enjoy a personal shopper service from the comfort of your own home.

Online Shopping

Both our online shopper and virtual wardrobe overhaul services span Finland and the entire UAE. Wherever you are located I can provide a service that will give you a real boost. Whether you require assistance with sourcing some spring and summer pieces, an outfit for a special occasion, or a complete  wardrobe overhaul, LBS can help.

Our online service begins with a friendly telephone consultation so that I can find out your needs. If it is for personal shopping or clothes I may require a photograph so that we can see your body shape and colouring, along with your measurements.

Once I understand your wishes and desired budget I will embark on some extensive online research. 

During the whole process, I will be asking for your feedback in very short conversations so that I can understand your likes and dislikes from the options we have and we make changes to get to your desired piece.  Once you are happy with your items, either you or  I can go on to place an online order, we can discuss this. I do ask our online clients to keep in touch and let us know how they get on in case they need further advice.

Let Becky Organize Your Home!

A new service is available from LBS…we can come to your home and get your villa or apartment organized like your wardrobe. We can come to your home, de-clutter and organize your house into your dream residence. Let’s talk about what you want and desire, I then review each room and give your estimate to do the whole home or individual rooms, as you like.

Virtual Wardrobe Overhaul

Our virtual wardrobe overhaul begins with a consultation online. You can show me your wardrobe and favorite pieces and styles.

We will go on to discuss how to dress for your body shape and what colours work for your skin tone. You will take me through your wardrobe and together we can go through a yes and a no pile of items to keep and let go.

I will then provide you with a detailed summary, style tips and tricks and a full shopping list of items that you can enjoy purchasing online to enhance your refreshed wardrobe.

Personal Shopping

Becky will create a bespoke session for you, taking all of your wishes into consideration. Perhaps you need to update key pieces in your wardrobe, revamp your casual or workwear, or dress for a special occasion? Perhaps you want to shop for a handbag, killer heels or that watch or piece of jewelry that will set you apart from the crowd?

Enjoy a half day or full day with Becky who will show you the where you can find clothing that best or accessories which suits your individual style. Learn about your shape and colouring and come away with shopping tips that will benefit you in the future.

The half day includes:

An Initial telephone consultation to discuss your requirements*

0.5 hour’s research by Becky at your chosen location prior to meeting on the day

2.5 hours shopping with Becky

For first time customers, we can have a refreshment stop at the end with an overview of the day to ensure that your wishes have been met.

*Note before the initial telephone conversation Becky might ask you to complete a client information sheet and supply a full-length photograph to enable her to provide the best possible experience.

Special Gift Packages:


Do you need that special gift – a vintage Rolex, some diamonds or a gold bangle? LBS can help!


Holiday celebrations and treats can be more than for just the children, dress sassy for the night, red heels and devil red…

Christmas or other festive period

The holiday season is coming and LBS can give you some great ideas for gifts and these can be based around your budgets and desires. Brands and waiting lists can be irksome but LBS is here to help.

Professionalism rating:

We offer the best kind of styling 95%
Cost Effective
We utilize your budget to get the best for you 85%
Customer satisfaction
We always satisfy our customers for more referrals 90%
Always Available
We are available and dependable 80%
Appreciate Feedbacks
Getting feedbacks is our priority 95%

Some of our brands:


Thank you for delivering this stunning, fuzzy, comfy skirt with your brilliance and energy! Gratitude for helping the planet!" Always.
Ronald Neely
"Thank you for the good sales support and being part of the effort to make the world more humane & sustainable". It's really nice meeting you.
Paras Shah
"I was recently at your area, what a delight to find you! Thank you, not only for your expertise but also for your encouragement in making more conscientious choices!"
Ronald Neely
"It was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend. I appreciate all you shared and can't wait to review the outfits with their brands. I'll come see you again soon!"
Paras Shah
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